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Meet Chuck Grossart

I’m an old retired Air Force Lt Col who hails from the Denver area. My dad retired from the USAF in 1968 when I was almost 4 years old and moved the family to Colorado. I grew up at the foot of the Rockies about 17 miles north of Denver.

I met my wife after high school (we went to the same school but never knew each other), went to college at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, and earned a commission as an officer in the United States Air Force. My wife and I spent twenty years in the service, dragging our one--then two--then three--kids around the country until we decided to hang up the USAF spurs and settle down in Bellevue, Nebraska, just south of Omaha. The Midwest is a great place to live.

There’s nothing I love more than crafting a story that someone enjoys, and if I’m lucky, remembers. Above all I want to give you, my reader, a good story. That's it.

I promise to bring the pages as long as you promise to bring the popcorn. Bring the beer, too. Don't forget that part. It's important.



- 2017 Killer Nashville Reader's Choice Award Finalist for Best Fiction Adult Fantasy/Science Fiction Novel
- 2017 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award Finalist for Best Fiction Adult Horror/Science Fiction Novel
- 2016 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award Winner for Best Science Fiction Novel
- 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) Winner for Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror
- #1 US Kindle bestseller (THE GEMINI EFFECT)
- #1 Science Fiction author, US Kindle store
- #1 Science Fiction & Fantasy author, US Kindle store
- #1 Action & Adventure author, US Kindle store
- #2 Mystery, Thriller & Suspense author, US Kindle store
- #2 author, US Kindle store (all categories)