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A Novel

Published April 1, 2015 (47North)

Winner, 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

Winner, 2016 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award for

Best Science Fiction Novel

#1 US Kindle Bestseller

#1 US, UK and Australian Kindle Bestseller for

Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

#1 US and UK Kindle Bestseller for Genetic Engineering

#1 US Kindle Bestseller for Action and Adventure

#1 US Kindle Bestseller for Military Thrillers

#1 US Kindle Bestseller for Conspiracy Thrillers

#1 US Kindle Bestseller for Suspense

A single raindrop opens a Pandora's box of horrors when the spawn of perverse genetic research performed during World War II - refined by Cold War enemies and perfected by nature - are unleashed on an unsuspecting world. By dawn only a dead city remains, eerily quiet and still except for the mutant beasts who hide from the light, multiply, and await the shadows of day's end.
Ordered to investigate the unfolding crisis, biowarfare specialist Carolyn Ridenour barely escapes the creatures' nocturnal onslaught, saved in the nick of time by Colonel Garrett Hoffmann, who has lost hundreds of his troops to the mutant army that neither bombs nor bullets can break.
As Carolyn and Garrett race to stop the plague, a battered and broken US government is preparing to release the fury of America's nuclear arsenal on its own soil.

What readers are saying about THE GEMINI EFFECT

"This story successfully weaves themes from Terminator, Alien, Andromeda Strain, Manchurian Candidate and Invasion of the Body Snatchers into a completely new and entirely satisfying novel. It will make a terrific movie." (Amazon Reviewer)

"This book is insanely intense and fast moving. You quickly become attached to the various characters and either love them or hate them. You actually feel helpless while reading this and I cried a lot. Phenomenal read, recommend to everyone."  (Goodreads Reviewer)

"Fun, fast, and furious! This is the most entertaining book I've read in a very long time. Right up there with the best of Stephen King and Dean Koontz." (Goodreads Reviewer)

"Ohmigosh! This was a rollicking ride from start to finish! I'm usually not one for governmental thrillers, yet this had so much action, understandable characters, and intense emotion... I was hooked from the start."  (Goodreads Reviewer)

"I honestly laughingly cheered (out loud) a couple of times, had a moment of slight burning at the corners of my eyes in empathy, and at the end, put down my Kindle eReader with the same jangly, slightly disorientated rush I had when I came out of the theatres back in 1994, having watched NATURAL BORN KILLERS for the first time. But this time it was sensory overload from a book..."  (Amazon Reviewer)

"Excellent blend of known science and science that could be. A fascinating and suspenseful novel that fans of Stephen King or Dean Koontz will enjoy. Highly recommended."  (Amazon Reviewer)

"A superb read. I was totally immersed in this book from the moment I read the first page! A finely written biological thriller in the spirit of Dean Koontz!" (Amazon Reviewer)

"So break open this book, suspend your beliefs, and enjoy the pace that will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering with each chapter if the world could possibly survive this! It's a fantastic story that will blow your mind and make you wonder why this isn't in the theaters right now!" (Amazon Reviewer)

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