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A Military Science Fiction Novel
Published March 17, 2020

The Han Wars saga continues with the second book of the series, Merge and Engage.

Both the Republic Combined Fleet and the Han Bloc Navy are reeling from their initial clashes during the opening stages of the Second Han War. The front lines have stabilized, and both fleets are preparing for their next moves.

Commander Jackson Flynn, captain of the Republic cruiser RSS Repulse, is called home to recount the battle of Arrakis IV and sees for himself the evidence of a Republic that has rapidly begun to transform itself into something not so noble.

Junior Captain Anka Siljan, commander of the Han Navy battlecruiser Tigr, struggles with her decision to discard everything she's ever known in a valiant attempt to bring the war to an end.

But the Second Han War is nowhere close to ending. It is about to erupt in ways that neither Flynn nor Siljan could ever imagine…

At a rocky, desolate place called Dolan IV-C.


The Battle at Home for Hearts and Minds

Okay, this is me being a geek again, but's what I do. MERGE AND ENGAGE is set right after the initial battles of the Second Han War in FLEET OPPOSED. While writing the book, I began to wonder what was going on back home...for both the Republic and the Han. I've always been intrigued by the propaganda posters from WW II, and decided I'd make a few of my own. I'm sure you'll see the WW II influences in a couple of them.

For the Republic, I imagined posters trying to get people to join-up and enlist, to join the fight. For the Han, I imagined posters that strummed the old patriotism guitar, harkening back to the heroes of the First Han War, and espousing the combined strength of the people and the party (the Han only have one).

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