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A Military Science Fiction Novel
Published August 13, 2022

The Han Wars saga continues with the fifth book of the series, Of Enemies and Allies.

Earth is burning, and the alliance between the Republic Fleet and the Imperial Hanarian Navy enters a new phase, where the hatreds of the past rise to the surface, seeding discord and distrust. The Republic’s blood is up, and the IHN fears Sava could suffer the exact fate the old Empire avoided at the end of the first Han War—total destruction.

As the Republic Fleet continues its push deep into Han Bloc space, the alliance begins to unravel, and open conflict between wary allies seems a distinct possibility. But there is another enemy to worry about, one from the far reaches of Bloc space who has found a way to change the rules of the game. The Kr’ih are on the move again, and the tyranny of time and distance no longer restrict their movements.

On Earth, the Third Republic’s new leader consolidates his power, but his standing may be less secure than he believes. The same can be said for the Bloc’s Directorate First, whose closest advisors plot from the shadows and prepare to act when the time is right.

At a Han Bloc outpost in the Bakku system, the war against the Bloc takes an unexpected turn. For Commander Jackson Flynn and the crew of RSS Repulse, as well as Commander Jan Fuchida and the crew of RSS Furious, everything is about to change—the course ahead is clouded by uncertainty, and as treacherous as it’s ever been.

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