• Chuck Grossart

FLEET OPPOSED - The Prequels

With the launch of THE SPACERS on March 12, 2019, all three of the FLEET OPPOSED prequel novellas are available now! I've been very happy with the reader response so far. This is a venture into a new genre for me, and I can honestly say I'm loving it--I've never been able to write stories so quickly. A normal-sized science fiction novel is ~80,000 words (which works out to be a little over 300 pages for a printed book). THE SPACERS ended up at 40,000+ words--half a novel--and I wrote it in a month, which is "ludicrous speed" for me!

I'm working like crazy on the first book of THE HAN WARS series, FLEET OPPOSED, and enjoying every minute. So, until I get that first book out on the streets, give THE AVIATORS, THE INFANTRY, and THE SPACERS a try! If you click on the picture below, it'll take you to the Amazon page for the three book series.

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