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OF ENEMIES AND ALLIES is coming along!

For everyone who has been patiently waiting for the fifth book of The Han Wars: First, thanks for sticking with me. Second, I have some good news. The way things are going right now, I'm pretty comfortable saying the book will be out this summer. The story has really started to flow from noggin to keyboard--I'm averaging about 10K words a week, which is good for me. I think you're going to like it when it's done. Now, the next logical question is, "When will it be out?" I can't set a specific date right now, nor do I want to. I'm not sure how long the book will be (probably 90-100K words like the others? Maybe longer?), and I'm also not sure if this will be the last book of the series. So, I'm going to stick with "summer" for now.

Once I do set a pub date, you'll see it here, on my Facebook page, and on the website.

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