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As soon as I sent off the initial draft copy of FLEET OPPOSED to someone who was waiting to see it (that might be a story for another post if things work out well), I began work on book #2 of the series, tentatively titled MERGE AND ENGAGE.

Other than the three prequel novellas I've written for FLEET OPPOSED (THE AVIATORS, THE INFANTRY, and THE SPACERS), this is the first time I've written a novel series--ended one novel and immediately picked-up the story line in a second book. I have to admit, I kind of like it. It's fun to take all the characters from the first book and watch them change and develop as the story continues. Compared to a stand-alone novel, the amount of depth an author can give to a character is almost endless, bounded only by the number of books in the series. Commander Jackson Flynn?--yep, he's a different person that he was in the first book. Junior Captain Anka Siljan? Same thing. Boy, are they in for a wild ride in MERGE AND ENGAGE. ;)

As of tonight, I'm 10,000 words into this next book. I've got a long way to go, but I'm loving it.

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