A Novella
Published December 27, 2015

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Kyle Bradford was a meat cutter in a grocery store when the sounds first thundered across the skies, and the world changed forever. The doors had opened, and something was coming through.

Once the initial shock and confusion wore off, and those in charge realized what was happening, mankind seemed to coalesce like never before. National boundaries no longer mattered. Religion, race, color and creed seemed to pass away in a flash. Old enemies put their differences aside. The only thing that did matter was survival.

As a species.

Now, Kyle is on a mission to save what’s left of our world. Or die trying.


What readers are saying about SPLITS

"I enjoyed another novel by Grossart, The Phoenix Descent and was looking forward to reading more from him. I stumbled across Splits on Amazon and jumped right in. This is a novella that wastes no time and drops you right in to our story. A fun afternoon read from a talented author." (Goodreads Reviewer)

"What a great read! I really love the premise and the characters were great and real. Having military action written by one who understands it makes it much more real. Looking forward to more from Mr. Grossart." (Goodreads Reviewer)

"Superior sci-fi short combining elements of 'War of the Worlds' and even a little of the Jonny Quest episode 'Robot Spy'...I enjoyed the action and sense of desperation most, with a finish that leaves you wondering if resistance is even worthwhile. A chilling book I'm hoping becomes a series in the near future!"  (Amazon Reviewer)

"From the start, this book grabs you and draws you in. It's a true page turner with a surprising ending."  (Amazon Reviewer)


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