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A Military Science Fiction Novella
Published February 5, 2019

For Captain Ricardo "Rico" Estrada and the assault troopers of B Company, 3/2 Infantry, their 30-day deployment to Icarus IV was supposed to be a peacekeeping mission. A few simple patrols to show the flag and keep the resistance at bay. But fate had other ideas.


THE INFANTRY is the second of a series of three novella-length stories, each one a stand-alone prequel to my upcoming military science fiction novel, FLEET OPPOSED, the first book of THE HAN WARS series (take a look at the WIP tab above to learn more about FLEET OPPOSED). In each of the three stories, THE AVIATORS, THE INFANTRY, and THE SPACERS, you'll get a glimpse inside three different service communities in the Republic Combined Fleet, and maybe meet a few characters who will make an appearance in FLEET OPPOSED or subsequent books.

BONUS MATERIAL: Includes an excerpt from THE SPACERS, the third and final prequel novella to FLEET OPPOSED.

THE INFANTRY, along with THE AVIATORS and THE SPACERS, are included in FLEET OPPOSED - THE PREQUELS, a three-story paperback on Amazon (if you'd rather enjoy the feel of a real book. ;) )

What readers are saying about THE INFANTRY

Action packed. "If you like military novels with lots of action, you'll love this. This book is a great read and is a wonderful prequel to what appears to be an awesome series!"  (Amazon reviewer)

Fast-paced, authentic military sci-fi...easily stands with the giants of the genre. "As a kind of snob regarding this genre, I set a high bar for expectations... Chuck pole-vaulted over that bar with room to spare! It's an outstanding look into what the infantry could become in the future. I've led a platoon before, and can say he accurately captures the feelings and many of the procedures with the authenticity of someone who's been there and done that... Well done!"  (Amazon reviewer)

No mission too difficult, no sacrifice too great, duty first. "The Infantry prequel was very well-written with engaging characters and lots of action. Grossart's military background shines through with all its virtues; dedication, mission first, loyalty, concern for fellow soldiers before self. The last vestige of character in our twisted, me first culture. Breath of fresh air, thanks Chuck."  (Amazon Reviewer)

Great read. "Good strong characters, good battle scenes, selfless acts of courage and redemption." (Amazon reviewer)

Five Stars. "Wow, action packed and intense!"  (Goodreads reviewer)

Another great read. "Well, Chuck Grossart does it again! An even-paced read that was hard to put down. It opens the aperture a little more into the conflict to come."  (Goodreads reviewer)

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