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A Military Science Fiction Novella
Published March 12, 2019

The Republic fast attack RSS Tang is on a normal training mission. Her captain, CDR Claire Fontaine, is new to the seat...and she'll soon find out what her ship and crew are made of. In a trial by fire.


THE SPACERS is the third and final installment in a series of three novella-length stories, each one a stand-alone prequel to my upcoming military science fiction novel, FLEET OPPOSED, the first book of THE HAN WARS series (take a look at the WIP tab above to learn more about FLEET OPPOSED). In each of the three stories, THE AVIATORS, THE INFANTRY, and THE SPACERS, you'll get a glimpse inside three different service communities in the Republic Combined Fleet, and maybe meet a few characters who will make an appearance in FLEET OPPOSED or subsequent books.

BONUS MATERIAL: Includes an excerpt from FLEET OPPOSED, Book 1 of THE HAN WARS series.

THE SPACERS, along with THE AVIATORS and THE INFANTRY, are included in FLEET OPPOSED - THE PREQUELS, a three-story paperback on Amazon (if you'd rather enjoy the feel of a real book. ;) )

What readers are saying about THE SPACERS

A refreshing view of the space opera/interstellar war genre. "After reading all three of the prequels, I find myself barely able to control my excitement for the upcoming books! It was packed with excitement just like I felt at the start of the remade Battlestar Galactica."  (Goodreads reviewer)

Chuck Grossart has done it once again! "This is the third novella in the prequel series to FLEET OPPOSED - Book 1 of the Han Wars. The author has left me anxiously awaiting the release of this new series. He has done an excellent job of re-imagining ship-to-ship combat in space, and created characters I want to learn the fates of in future books."  (Goodreads reviewer)

A fast-paced space battle, great characters, what more could you want? "Must read! Chuck knocks it out of the park AGAIN! This book dove-tails nicely with the other prequels THE INFANTRY and THE AVIATORS (which I HIGHLY recommend) but is a respectable stand-alone story in its own regard. The technology doesn't get in the way of his good writing (as so many others of the genre do) so it's thoroughly enjoyable. The characters are realistic and believable and you're drawn into a world that's half classic WWII submarine, half classic Sci-Fi... the final battle sequence made me think of the final battle in Star Trek II... you can almost hear the soundtrack while you're reading. Oh, and did I mention there's a turncoat on board? Great work!"  (Amazon reviewer)

Captain on the bridge. "Have you ever wondered what it’s like on the bridge of a starship? If so, read this! It’s like being on the bridge of the Enterprise."  (Amazon reviewer)

Great read. "New captain, new war starting, complex characters, traitors, action, what else is needed?" (Amazon reviewer)

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