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A Military Science Fiction Novel
Published October 1, 2019

The Republic has known peace for nearly a century. Memories of the Han War have faded over time, with the pain and suffering of total war, and sense of shared sacrifice in the face of annihilation, both distant memories. Disagreements among member systems threaten to fracture the cohesiveness of a united Republic, but the Combined Fleet—an aging shadow of what it once was—still stands guard.

Beyond the outer reaches of Republic space, an old enemy prepares to strike. Fueled by the bitterness of defeat, and enflamed by an apparent sneak attack, the Han cultivate the seeds of dissent among those in the Republic sympathetic to their cause. To the Han Bloc, the moment to act has arrived. Once again.

Aboard the Republic cruiser RSS Repulse, Commander Jackson Flynn takes the reigns of command and quickly finds himself in the middle of a war no one expected, a war not only between the Republic and the Han Bloc, but also against the treachery within the Combined Fleet itself. As the fleet crumbles before his eyes during the opening stages of battle, Jackson Flynn knows one thing…

The Han are on the march again, with a vengeance. And his Repulse is on the line.

What readers are saying about FLEET OPPOSED

Incredible book! Great series! "Chuck has hit his stride with this series! The prequels are fast-paced, with compelling characters who are well-developed, and this first book in the series starts with a plot line that reminds you of Pearl Harbor... I found myself getting physically mad at his antagonists! Far from being two-dimensional 'bad guys,' though, he develops their characters as well as the heroes... you actually can develop a grudging respect for them! I've read many series in this genre, and this book/series is easily among the best... you don't have to hit the 'I believe' button, either... it's all believable, plausible, and incredibly entertaining! Well worth the read, and I can't wait for the next books!"  (Amazon reviewer)

"What I liked most was the 3 mini books prior to this. Gives one a lot of insight to the characters in this book. Not sure how he is going to work it all in, but can't wait. Author did a great job setting this up." (Amazon reviewer)

"I read and reread the prequels as I impatiently awaited the first book in the series. I devoured it upon release and now impatiently await book two. The characters already fully developed in the prequels, the tide of war to be revealed. In all it's deadly and deceitful colour. Your body compressed in your chair as 'full speed ahead' you're slammed into action." (Amazon reviewer)

"Just wanted to say thank you - I have finished all the prequels and the novel Fleet Opposed and I really loved reading all of them. I cannot wait for the next book in the series. Being a child of Battlestar Galactica (Original and Reimagined), Star Trek, Star Wars and even Space, Above and Beyond (yes I do remember this show and loved it) this brought back all those fun memories and I did not want it to end. So just thank you for this new series and hope its a long one." (Message from Cameron in Australia)

Great First Book. "Fantastic pace to the story. Loved the storyline, good action scenes and character development. The book is easy to read and keeps you interested to the end. Cannot wait for the next release." (Amazon UK reviewer)

Great book!! "If you like space battles, and even if you don’t, you’ll love this book. Tons of action throughout it all. The quality of the story is the best part. Phenomenal characters that drive the story. A must read." (Amazon reviewer)

Real Deal Military Science Fiction. "Well written, action packed, adult military science fiction at it's best. Hopefully, this novel is the first of many from this author. Great for fans of Christopher Nuttall, Glynn Stewart, Eric Thomson and Britt Ringel." (Amazon CA reviewer)

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