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A Military Science Fiction Novella
Published July 24, 2018

LT Blake "Scratch" Adler is on a classified mission deep in hostile space, a mission that might prevent another war...or unleash a holocaust.


THE AVIATORS is the first of a series of three novella-length stories, each one a stand-alone prequel to my upcoming military science fiction novel, FLEET OPPOSED, the first book of THE HAN WARS series. In each of the three stories, THE AVIATORS, THE INFANTRY, and THE SPACERS, you'll get a glimpse inside three different service communities in the Republic Combined Fleet, and maybe meet a few characters who will make an appearance in FLEET OPPOSED or subsequent books.

BONUS MATERIAL: Includes an excerpt from THE INFANTRY, the second prequel novella to FLEET OPPOSED.

THE AVIATORS, along with THE INFANTRY and THE SPACERS, are included in FLEET OPPOSED - THE PREQUELS, a three-story paperback on Amazon (if you'd rather enjoy the feel of a real book. ;) )

What readers are saying about THE AVIATORS

A great read! "This is the first book by Chuck Grossart I have read, and it wasn't a disappointment! Having served in a carrier air wing I connected well with the characters and feel of the carrier. I know the smells, the hum of the ship, the banter of aviators. The author captured it in this short story set in an era of galactic uncertainty."  (Amazon Reviewer)

Fantastic! "This has everything you could ask for, and a whole lot more, in a space/military adventure book. The one thing it has the most of is heart. If the series is like this one, it’ll be great!"  (Amazon Reviewer)

You would normally not call Grossart's material tear jerkers, but my eyes misted up with this one. "In a matter of a short time, Grossart manages to evoke emotion that normally takes hundreds of pages in the characters! I am hooked on his writing and he continues to surprise with each book/story." (Amazon Reviewer)

Cinch 'em up 'cause Chuck's on a roll again! "Damn, if I didn't know better, I'd swear Chuck has sucked on an oxygen mask before doing barrel rolls. Detailed and gripping as always. Cant wait for the book...are we there yet, are we there yet?!" (Amazon reviewer)

"Great prequel to Mr Grossart's upcoming novels. Can't wait to read the next couple too."  (Goodreads reviewer)

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